1st Workshop on
in conjunction with ICTON 2020
22nd International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks Bari, Italy, July 19-23, 2020

Nonlinear optical phenomena, and devices based on them, play a key role in many applications of photonics. This justifies the continuation of fundamental studies, as well as the search for new or advanced materials - with higher nonlinear coefficients and/or better overall properties. The goal of identifying an efficient device integration platform is another hot issue: since it will enable the development of low-cost and reliable devices and systems, where nonlinear phenomena may find new or more effective applications in areas such as all-optical switching, all-optical signal processing and quantum photonics. The use of nonlinear effects in optical waveguides and microcavities is also at the forefront of this research.
The present Workshop aims to gather international experts for discussion of the latest advances and trends in the fields of both fundamental and applied nonlinear photonics. The current state of the art and the prospects for further development, with special attention to topics that can lead to technological and scientific breakthroughs, will be reviewed.
Topics of relevance include but are not limited to:
• Fundamental nonlinear optical processes
❖ wavelength conversion, harmonic generation and frequency mixing
❖ parametric processes, active and dissipative effects – e.g. spontaneous parametric down-conversion
❖ Raman and Brillouin scattering
❖ frequency combs
❖ supercontinuum physics
❖ temporal and spatiotemporal effects, instabilities and chaos
❖ nonlinear optics with singular beams
❖ optical soliton physics
❖ nonlinear pulse propagation in optical fibers
❖ ultrafast nonlinear optics
❖ nonlinear interactions and non-classical light
❖ quantum nonlinear photonics
• Nonlinear materials and structures
❖ inorganic (e.g. glasses, glass-ceramics, crystals), organic and hybrid nonlinear materials
❖ nonlinear effects in microstructures and, microcavities.
❖ optical nonlinearities in nanostructures
❖ optical nonlinearities in poled and high dielectric constant materials
❖ saturable absorption, mode-locking and Q-switching in lasers
❖ nonlinear optical effects in semiconductors and 2D materials, above and below bandgap
• Nonlinear optical devices, systems and applications
❖ all-optical photonic devices
❖ nonlinear effects and dispersion management in fiber optical networks
❖ chip-scale nonlinear photonic devices
❖ parametric oscillators and amplifiers, parametric sources of quantum light
❖ guided-wave nonlinear devices
❖ nonlinear photonic crystal and metamaterial devices
❖ nonlinear plasmonic and nanoplasmonic devices
❖ nonlinear detectors
Workshop Co-chairs:
Luigi Sirleto, IMM CNR, Naples, Italy
Giancarlo C. Righini, IFAC CNR, Florence, and Enrico Fermi Centre, Rome; Italy
Richard De La Rue, University of Glasgow, U.K.
Paper submission: according to ICTON submission rules [see  https://icton2020.fbk.eu/call-for-papers/pnpa-2020 the contribution (4 pages in electronic form, MS Word version accompanied by a PDF version) must be submitted by e-mail to icton@itl.waw.pl by March 31, 2020. Please remember to write PNPA Workshop in the subject line when submitting your contribution. All accepted papers will be included in ICTON 2020 Proceedings (published on IEEE Xplore).

2020-07-19 to 2020-07-23