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Project PIR01_00032 - BOL-Bio Open Lab approved for funding, D.D. 14th March 2019, n. 461, with the calls for Proposals for the awarding of grants aimed to enhance research infrastructures pursuant to Action II.1 of the National Operative Program – Research and Innovation 2014-2020.

Total funding: 12.325.000,00 €.

BOL officially started on 8th July 2019 - Duration: 32 months.

Bio-Open-Lab project is the focus of a collaboration between the department of Mathematics and Physics “E. De Giorgi” of the University of Salento, scientific coordinators: Prof. Rosaria Rinaldi and Prof. Lucio Calcagnile, and the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems of the National Research Council, IMM-CNR, scientific coordinator: Dr. Elvio Carlino (Prot. University of Salento 110044 cl.III/13-2019 and Prot. IMM-CNR 0003776-2019). The collaboration aims to develop new atomic resolution electron microscopy methodologies to the study of radiation sensitive matter. This is an issue of high interest in the world-wide scientific community and an area of strong scientific competition.  Within this frame, the collaboration aims to realize, manage and develop an advanced large-scale infrastructure of Electron Microscopy having among its commitments, to be the hub for ERIC-CERIC consortium for atomic resolution studies of organic and inorganic radiation sensitive matter, as stated in the BOL project. Indeed, the main equipment to be realized at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Salento, and funded within BOL project, named HOLO-TEM, has been conceived to apply and further develop new methodologies (see figures and relevant references), established by Dr. Elvio Carlino in the last years, that have been recognized in the PON call 2014-2020 as strategic for the study of radiation sensitive matter and capable to contribute in opening a new era for the technologies for biomaterials and bio-based products, bio-refineries and nano-drugs, in the study of regenerative, predictive and personalized medicine and in E-health advanced diagnostics, medical devices and minimally invasive procedures. This activity well complements and finds synergies and propulsion in the experience on electron microscopy, traditionally present at IMM-CNR.




2019-11-25 to 2022-03-07