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EuroNanoLab: cleanrooms distributed infrastructure providing world-class nanofabrication services and expertise

EuroNanoLab is a new distributed research infrastructure consisting of over 40 state-of-the-art academic nanofabrication centers across Europe. Its main vision is to accelerate research in the micro- and nanotechnology sector by enabling the transformation of a fragmented landscape of nanofabrication facilities into an integrated knowledge base supporting scientific excellence and providing researchers a fast-track to results. EuroNanoLab strives to provide:

  • New « nanofabrication system » able to fabricate more complex micro/nanodevices by integrating the contributions of several specialised cleanrooms to accelerate excellent scientific projects.
  • Central-hub-coordinated user access to world-class nanofabrication equipment and expertise, technology development, and knowledge base.
  • Multidisciplinary outreach and creation of novel « nanofabrication building blocks » defined together with leading experts in the following initial scientific communities:
    • Quantum technologies
    • 2D materials
    • Nanobiosciences
    • Neuromorphic computing
    • Astronomy and space exploration
  • Fast transfer of technology developments to start-ups and SMEs.

EuroNanoLab helps to create innovative solutions to societal challenges in the fields of energy, environment, transport, health, and general wellbeing. Becoming an ESFRI will help EuroNanoLab to achieve better recognition and an international as well as at a national level.

EuroNanoLab’s model is inspired by the « NNIN » (US distributed infrastructure of academic cleanrooms founded in 2004) and its core partners are cleanroom networks that have been working with this model for 15 years (SE, NL, FR and NO) .


Conntact Person: Vittorio Morandi


2016-01-01 to 2025-12-31