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It-fab is the Italian cluster of Micro and Nano Fabrication research infrastructures encompassing CNR-DSFTM (IMM and Nanotec Institutes), PoliFAB from Politecnico di Milano, FBK-CMM, Fondazione Inphotec, INRIM and Politecnico of Turin. The integrated micro/nanofabrication facilities include more than 400 equipment in about 4000 m2 of clean-rooms, located in 11 different facilities.


The project aims at establishing the Italian network of research infrastructures in the field of nanofabrication through:


  1. establishment of harmonized rules, for clean room management and access policies, IP rules, external costs and reporting;
  2. harmonization and sharing of design and simulation software, service contracts, management of professional services;
  3. definition of joint best practices for reciprocal support and backup, complementarities, standardization of clean room practices, interoperability and data exchange formats;
  4. definition of common information system for know-how, projects and equipment databases.


To promote access to research infrastructure based on the principles as set up by the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures.

To support the establishment of the pan-European distributed research infrastructure: EuroNanoLab


Contact Person: Vittorio Morandi



2018-07-02 to 2025-12-31