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PhD Student

Annalisa D'Arco was born in Naples (Italy) on February 1983. She graduated cum laudem in Physics at the University of Naples "Federico II" on 2010, working on investigation of acute damage and genomic instability in human cells, induced by co-exposure to high LET radiation and UMTS signal. From 2009 to 2012, she had some experiences in research laboratories dealing with methodologies applied physics in the fields of biophysics of radiation, biomedical imaging, radiochemistry and nuclear physics. These experiences have led to a good knowledge about biological damage induced by ionizing radiations, fluorescence microscopy and biological imaging, radiochemical extraction of actinides and heavy metals from different matrixes such as concretes, soils, water, wine, urine and blood. It has been acquired a discrete knowledge of using and management of linear accelerators and X-ray machines, with related detection techniques.

From April 2013, she got a scholarship at the University of Naples "Federico II" with Tutor Prof. R. Velotta, in collaboration with Microelectronics and Microsystem Institute CNR in Naples with supervisor Dott. L. Sirleto. Since December 2013, Annalisa is a PhD student in " Industrial and Information Engineering" (Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione) at the II University of Naples. Her research activities, now, are in the field of non-linear optics. In particular, her current studies are focused on realizing a microscope, not commercially available, based on the CRS spectroscopy.


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