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PhD Student

Research associate on the project involving epitaxy and characterization of novel graphene-like 2D-materials(X-enes) in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca


Gabriele Faraone is a Ph.D. fellow student in Materials Science and Nanotechnology at University of Milan-Bicocca. 

Gabriele got his Master degree in Physics from University of Milan discussing a thesis on the optical and electronic properties of plasmonic metal/semiconductor thin-film nanocomposites (Advisor Dr. M. Di Vece, Co-Advisor Prof. C. Lenardi). During his Master degree, he spent also a 6-months abroad study period in Germany at Technical University of Munich (TUM) (March-September 2014).

His PhD research activity involves optical (Raman, Uv-Vis) spectroscopy, epitaxial-growth (MBE) and surface characterizations (STM and XPS) of novel 2D graphene-like materials(X-enes).  He also completed a 6-months abroad research experience (March-September 2019) in United States, where he has been trained to process 2D X-enes into devices in the Clean-Room facilities of Microelectronic Research Center of the University of Texas-Austin (Prof. Akinwande Nano-Research Group).


Scientific Productions

Carlo Grazianetti, Gabriele Faraone, Christian Martella, Emiliano Bonera, Alessandro Molle

Embedding epitaxial (blue) phosphorene in between device-compatible functional layers

Nanoscale [Royal Society of Chemistry],

Gabriele Faraone, Ritika Modi, Sarita Marom, Alessandro Podestà, Marcel Di Vece

Increasing the optical absorption in a-Si thin films by embedding gold nanoparticles

Optical Materials [North-Holland], Volume: 75 Pages: 204-210

Yunsong Yan, Tommaso Santaniello, Luca Giacomo Bettini, Chloé Minnai, Andrea Bellacicca, Riccardo Porotti, Ilaria Denti, Gabriele Faraone, Marco Merlini, Cristina Lenardi, Paolo Milani

Electroactive ionic soft actuators with monolithically integrated gold nanocomposite electrodes

Advanced Materials [], Volume: 29 Issue: 23 Pages: 1606109