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PhD Student

Scientific Productions

Mario Urso, Giacomo Torrisi, Sergio Battiato, Antonio Terrasi, Salvo Mirabella

High intrinsic activity of oxygen evolution reaction in low-cost NiO nanowalls electrocatalyst

Materials Advances [Royal Society of Chemistry],

G Torrisi, E Cavaliere, F Banfi, G Benetti, R Raciti, L Gavioli, Antonio Terrasi

Ag cluster beam deposition for TCO/Ag/TCO multilayer

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells [North-Holland], Volume: 199 Pages: 114-121

Giacomo Torrisi, João S Luis, Olalla Sanchez-Sobrado, Rosario Raciti, Manuel J Mendes, Hugo Águas, Elvira Fortunato, Rodrigo Martins, Antonio Terrasi

Colloidal-structured metallic micro-grids: High performance transparent electrodes in the red and infrared range

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells [North-Holland], Volume: 197 Pages: 7-12

Mario Urso, Giacomo Torrisi, Simona Boninelli, Corrado Bongiorno, Francesco Priolo, Salvo Mirabella

Ni (OH) 2@ Ni core-shell nanochains as low-cost high-rate performance electrode for energy storage applications

Scientific reports [Nature Publishing Group], Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-11

Giacomo Torrisi, Isodiana Crupi, Salvo Mirabella, A Terrasi

Robustness and electrical reliability of AZO/Ag/AZO thin film after bending stress

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells [North-Holland], Volume: 165 Pages: 88-93

Stefano Boscarino, Giacomo Torrisi, Isodiana Crupi, Alessandra Alberti, Salvatore Mirabella, Francesco Ruffino, Antonio Terrasi

Ion irradiation of AZO thin films for flexible electronics

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms [North-Holland], Volume: 392 Pages: 14-20

G Torrisi, A Di Mauro, M Scuderi, G Nicotra, G Impellizzeri

Atomic layer deposition of ZnO/TiO 2 multilayers: towards the understanding of Ti-doping in ZnO thin films

RSC advances [Royal Society of Chemistry], Volume: 6 Issue: 91 Pages: 88886-88895

Salvatore Cosentino, Giacomo Torrisi, Rosario Raciti, Massimo Zimbone, Isodiana Crupi, Salvo Mirabella, Antonio Terrasi

Growth kinetics of colloidal Ge nanocrystals for light harvesters

RSC advances [Royal Society of Chemistry], Volume: 6 Issue: 44 Pages: 38454-38462

Isodiana Crupi, Stefano Boscarino, Giacomo Torrisi, Giorgia Scapellato, Salvatore Mirabella, Giovanni Piccitto, Francesca Simone, Antonio Terrasi

Laser irradiation of ZnO: Al/Ag/ZnO: Al multilayers for electrical isolation in thin film photovoltaics

Nanoscale Research Letters [Springer New York], Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Pages: 392