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Scientific Productions

Simonetta Capone, Maria Tufariello, Angiola Forleo, Valentina Longo, Lucia Giampetruzzi, Antonio Vincenzo Radogna, Flavio Casino, Pietro Siciliano

Chromatographic analysis of VOC patterns in exhaled breath from smokers and nonsmokers

Biomedical Chromatography [], Volume: 32 Issue: 4 Pages: e4132

Valentina Longo, Rana Valizadeh Kamran, Anna Michaletti, Mahmoud Toorchi, Lello Zolla, Sara Rinalducci

Proteomic and Physiological Response of Spring Barley Leaves to Cold Stress

cell [], Volume: 6 Issue: 7

Valentina Longo, Paolo Rebulla, Simonetta Pupella, Lello Zolla, Sara Rinalducci

Proteomic characterization of platelet gel releasate from adult peripheral and cord blood

PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications [], Volume: 10 Issue: 8 Pages: 870-882

Valentina Longo, Maša Ždralević, Nicoletta Guaragnella, Sergio Giannattasio, Lello Zolla, Anna Maria Timperio

Proteome and metabolome profiling of wild-type and YCA1-knock-out yeast cells during acetic acid-induced programmed cell death

Journal of proteomics [Elsevier], Volume: 128 Pages: 173-188

Valentina Longo, Alessandro Lana, Maria Teresa Bottero, Lello Zolla

Apoptosis in muscle-to-meat aging process: The omic witness

Journal of proteomics [Elsevier], Volume: 125 Pages: 29-40

Alessandro Lana, Valentina Longo, Alessandra Dalmasso, Angelo D’Alessandro, Maria Teresa Bottero, Lello Zolla

Omics integrating physical techniques: Aged Piedmontese meat analysis

Food chemistry [Elsevier], Volume: 172 Pages: 731-741

Sara Rinalducci, Valentina Longo, Luigi R Ceci, Lello Zolla

Targeted quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of erythrocyte membranes during blood bank storage

Journal of Mass Spectrometry [], Volume: 50 Issue: 2 Pages: 326-335

Maša Ždralević, Valentina Longo, Nicoletta Guaragnella, Sergio Giannattasio, Anna Maria Timperio, Lello Zolla

Differential proteome–metabolome profiling of YCA1-knock-out and wild type cells reveals novel metabolic pathways and cellular processes dependent on the yeast metacaspase

Molecular BioSystems [Royal Society of Chemistry], Volume: 11 Issue: 6 Pages: 1573-1583

Valentina Longo, Angelo D’Alessandro, Lello Zolla

Deoxygenation of leucofiltered erythrocyte concentrates preserves proteome stability during storage in the blood bank

Blood Transfusion [SIMTI Servizi], Volume: 12 Issue: 4 Pages: 599

Valentina Longo, Cristina Marrocco, Lello Zolla, Sara Rinalducci

For Reviewers

Haematologica [], Volume: 99 Issue: 7 Pages: e122-e125

Valentina Longo, Cristina Marrocco, Lello Zolla, Sara Rinalducci

Label-free quantitation of phosphopeptide changes in erythrocyte membranes: towards molecular mechanisms underlying deformability alterations in stored red blood cells

haematologica [Ferrata Storti Foundation], Volume: 99 Issue: 7 Pages: e122

Valentina Longo, Mohsen Janmohammadi, Lello Zolla, Sara Rinalducci

What Can Small Molecules Tell Us About Cold Stress Tolerance in Plants?

Cold Tolerance in Plants [Springer, Cham], Pages: 127-157

Anna Maria Timperio, Federica Gevi, Valentina Longo, Valeria Pallotta, Lello Zolla

Proteomics and transcriptomics investigation on longissimus muscles in Large White and Casertana pig breeds

Farm animal proteomics 2013 [Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen], Pages: 298-301