Micro/Nano Electronics

The research activities in the area of Micro/Nano Electronics at IMM cover the full electronic “value-chain” form advanced materials and innovative technological processes, to emerging logic and non-volatile memory nanodevices exploiting both classical and quantum phenomena, as well as systems and novel computing paradigms beyond von-Neumann.

In particular, the Institute is active and has a long and recognized expertise in materials, advanced technological process and modeling/simulation in various sectors related to:

  • Enabling technologies for energy efficient high-power and high-frequency devices based on advanced materials (such as SiC, GaN, GaAs, graphene, etc.) and high frequency components for aerospace applications.
  • Device and electronic circuits on flexible substrates based on organic/inorganic thin film transistors.
  • Nanoelectronics devices with logic and non-volatile memory functionality exploiting emerging concepts and advanced materials; and  enabling technologies for the nanofabrication and processing of devices.
  • Devices and modeling/simulation tools towards neuromorphic and quantum computation systems, and More than More applications.

Overall, the IMM research activities in the area of Micro/Nano Electronics address the key fields of Power and High Frequency Devices, Flexible Electronics, and Devices for Classic and Quantum Information Storage and Processing.  In these fields, IMM has strong links with National and International leading Industries, as well as University and Research Centers, and it is participating in the Horizon2020 research program with several financed projects.

The target applications are directed to several sectors (e.g. Internet of Things, Big-Data, energy conversion systems, automotive, consumer electronics, robotic, artificial intelligence, aerospace applications, etc…) and are expected to have a significant impact on the present key societal challenges (secure, clean and efficient energy, health, etc.).


Coordinator: Spiga Sabina