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In order to optimize their magnetic properties, Fe∕Au multilayers were treated by pregrowth and postgrowth ion-beam bombardments. The ferromagnetic resonance linewidth was used as our main figure of merit. The pregrowth treatment of the MgO substrate using a 60eV atomic oxygen beam resulted in a reduction of the inhomogeneous linewidth broadening in comparison with a sample grown on an untreated substrate. This homogeneity increase is linked to the removal of substrate carbon contamination by the chemically active oxygen. It correlates with the reduced interface roughness. The postgrowth sample irradiation using 30keV He+ ions also reduces the inhomogeneous broadening in the linewidth. Fe and Au have a miscibility gap, but the demixing is kinetically quenched at room temperature. Ion collisions locally minimize the interface energy by providing the energy necessary for localized demixing …
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2008

C Bilzer, T Devolder, C Chappert, O Plantevin, AK Suszka, BJ Hickey, A Lamperti, BK Tanner, B Mahrov, SO Demokritov

Biblio References: 
Volume: 103 Issue: 7 Pages: 07B518
Journal of Applied Physics