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The paper presents several analog and digital building blocks designed using OTFT devices manufactured in a fully-printed complementary organic technology. Circuit performance and parametric variability are simulated based on a model developed specifically for this technology. Fully-static logic gates and flip-flops as well as a low-area dynamic flip-flop enabled by the use of complementary OTFTs are measured, showing good agreement with simulations. A comparator exploiting offset cancellation techniques achieves a measured offset of less than 200mV. In addition, small-sized envelope detectors are measured at the HF RFID frequency (13.56MHz), to demonstrate the high frequency performance of the OTFTs. All these circuits are building blocks for the realization of a printed RFID tag.
Publication date: 
17 Sep 2012

Sahel Abdinia, Mohamed Benwadih, Eugenio Cantatore, Isabelle Chartier, Stéphanie Jacob, Lidia Maddiona, Giorgio Maiellaro, Luigi Mariucci, Giuseppe Palmisano, Matteo Rapisarda, Francesca Tramontana, Arthur HM van Roermund

Biblio References: 
Pages: 145-148
2012 Proceedings of the ESSCIRC (ESSCIRC)