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Lithium intercalated fullerides are the less studied among fullerene based compounds. Nevertheless, they show interesting and peculiar features: on one hand, due to the small lithium dimensions and its tendency to form clusters in fullerene interstices1, it is possible to reach very large doping rate (up to 30 lithium atoms per C60 unit); for lower stoichiometries, on the other hand, it has been observed the formation of polymerised structures2-3. In our work, we focused on LixC60 (2< x< 6), and in particular on the stoichiometry x= 4, which from a preliminary analysis appeared to be a natural representative of the low doped lithium fullerides class. The samples, prepared either by vapour doping or by thermal decomposition of lithium azide, were investigated with laboratory XRD and synchrotron radiation diffraction, NMR, SQUID magnetometry and electron paramagnetic resonance.Synchrotron radiation diffraction at …
The Electrochemical Society
Publication date: 
22 Feb 2006

Mauro Ricco, Toni Shiroka, Daniele Pontiroli, Matteo Belli, Gianpiero Ruani, Dimitri Palles, Serena Margadonna, Marco Tomaselli, Denis Arcon

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Issue: 25 Pages: 919-919
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