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Recently there are been numerous books written on SiC, which is a demonstration of the importance of this material and its potential impact on society. The majority of these books attempt to cover all the aspects of the technology from the growth, to the processing and the devices. In this book, instead, we will focalize on the epitaxial growth of 4H silicon carbide and on the hetero-epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC on different substrates. I think, in fact, that in the last ten years a large evolution of the epitaxial and hetero-epitaxial processes of silicon carbide has been made. The introduction of chloride precursors, the epitaxial growth on large area substrate with low defect density, the improvement of the surface morphology, the understanding of the CVD reactions and epitaxial mechanisms by advanced simulations are just the main results obtained in the homo-epitaxy process of 4H-SiC. Also in the hetero-epitaxy process of 3C-SiC on different substrates several important steps have been made. A more advanced knowledge on the strain formation during epitaxial growth and on the evolution of different defects has produced a large improvement of the material grown on silicon or on the hexagonal polytipes.After this large progress in the process of SiC epitaxial growth it is time to collect this knowledge in an e-book that can be easily accessible from all the silicon carbide community and that can be a reference point for the future work in this interesting field. Then I have decided to contact all the major experts of this field to write ten chapters on the growth, defects reduction and simulations of both 4H-SiC and 3C-SiC. The structure of the book is the …
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1 Jan 2012
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