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High growth rate of 4H-SiC epitaxial layers can be reached with the introduction of HCl in the deposition chamber. The effect of the Cl/Si ratio on this epitaxial growth process has been studied by optical and electrical measurements. Optical microscopy shows an improvement of the surface morphology and luminescence measurements reveal a decrease of epitaxial layer defects with increasing the Cl/Si ratio in the range 0.05–2.0. The leakage current measured on the diodes realized on these wafers is reduced of an order of magnitude and DLTS measurements show a decrease of the EH6, 7 level concentration in the same range of Cl/Si ratio. The value Cl/Si= 2.0 allows to grow epitaxial layers with the lowest defect concentration.
Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2007

Lucia Calcagno, Gaetano Izzo, Grazia Litrico, G Galvagno, A Firrincieli, Salvatore di Franco, Marco Mauceri, Stefano Leone, Giuseppe Pistone, Giuseppe Condorelli, F Portuese, Giuseppe Abbondanza, Gaetano Foti, Francesco La Via

Biblio References: 
Volume: 556 Pages: 137-140
Materials science forum