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In this letter we present the results regarding the electrical and optical characterization of Geiger mode silicon avalanche photodiodes (GMAP) fabricated by silicon standard planar technology. Low dark count rates, negligible afterpulsing effects, good timing resolution and high quantum detection efficiency in all the visible range have been measured. The very good electro-optical performances of our photodiodes make them attractive for the fabrication of arrays with a large number of GMAP to be used both in the commercial and the scientific fields, as telecommunications and nuclear medical imaging.
Tianjin University of Technology
Publication date: 
1 May 2007

M Mazzillo, G Condorelli, D Sanfilippo, G Fallica, E Sciacca, S Aurite, S Lombardo, E Rimini, M Belluso, S Billotta, G Bonanno, A Campisi, L Cosentino, P Finocchiaro, F Musumeci, S Privitera, S Tudisco

Biblio References: 
Volume: 3 Pages: 177-180
Optoelectronics Letters