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An innovative Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) code has been developed, which rules the post-implant kinetics of the defects system in the extremely far-from-the equilibrium conditions caused by the laser irradiation close to the liquid-solid interface. It considers defect diffusion, annihilation and clustering. The code properly implements, consistently to the stochastic formalism, the fast varying local event rates related to the thermal field T(r,t) evolution. This feature of our numerical method represents an important advancement with respect to current state of the art KMC codes. The reduction of the implantation damage and its reorganization in defect aggregates are studied as a function of the process conditions. Phosphorus activation efficiency, experimentally determined in similar conditions, has been related to the emerging damage scenario.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
6 Nov 2012

G Fisicaro, Lourdes Pelaz, P Lopez, M Italia, K Huet, J Venturini, A La Magna

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1496 Issue: 1 Pages: 221-224
AIP Conference Proceedings