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A co-planar micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (μDMFC) configuration was designed, developed and tested. The system geometry consisted of anodic and cathodic micro-channels arranged in the same plane. Firstly, micro-channels for a uniform distribution of oxygen and methanol were designed and realized on a polymeric substrate of polycarbonate. Then, the deposition of the catalytic elements inside the micro-channels by a spray-coating technique was carried out. Micro-channels were then covered by a catalyzed membrane containing separate anode and cathode layers. Different cell configurations were built, tested and evaluated. It was observed that the open circuit voltage varied significantly as a function of the membrane humidification degree and distance between anode and cathode channels in this planar design. In the presence of a large distance between the anode and cathode channel, the OCV …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2011

C D’Urso, V Baglio, V Antonucci, AS Aricò, S Specchia, UA Icardi, G Saracco, C Spinella, G D’Arrigo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 36 Issue: 13 Pages: 8088-8093
international journal of hydrogen energy