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Shockley-type Stacking faults (SSF) in hexagonal Silicon Carbide polytypes have received considerable attention in recent years since it has been found that these defects are responsible for the degradation of forward I-V characteristics in p-i-n diodes. In order to extend the knowledge on these kind of defects and theoretically support experimental findings (specifically, photoluminescence spectral analysis), we have determined the Kohn-Sham electronic band structures, along the closed path Γ-M-K-Γ, using density functional theory. We have also determined the energies of the SSFs with respect to the perfect crystal finding that the (35) and (44) SSFs have unexpectedly low formation energies, for this reason we could expect these two defects to be easily generated/expanded either during the growth or post-growth process steps.
Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2010

Massimo Camarda, Andrea Canino, Andrea Severino, Antonino La Magna, Francesco La Via

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1246
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive