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We present PareDA (ParetoDesignAutomation), a composite automated methodology for the simulation-based multi-scenario multi-objective optimization of analog circuits and thin-film cell devices, relying on randomized algorithms, both domain and constraints sensitivity analysis, epsilon-dominance and global robustness analysis. We test PareDA algorithm on the designing problem of a three stage operational amplifier, a yield-aware optimization of a folded-cascode operational amplifier (requiring multiple operating conditions) and an optical model for tandem thin-film silicon solar cells. In these scenarios, comparisons with state-of-the-art techniques (as NSGA-II and YdIRCO) undoubtedly demonstrate PareDA effectiveness, in terms of Pareto optimality of the design found and convergence time. The latter obtains, in fact, a significant average performance improvement (from 35% to 49%), finding Pareto-optimal …
Publication date: 
17 Jul 2015

Andrea Patane, Andrea Santoro, Giovanni Carapezza, Antonino La Magna, Vittorio Romano, Giuseppe Nicosia

Biblio References: 
Pages: 1-7
2015 International Workshop on Artificial Immune Systems (AIS)