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A nano-sized ion beam apparatus has been used as maskless lithography to implant 20 keV Ga+ ions into a 26 nm thick silicon crystalline film on insulator. The ion beam, with about 5 nm standard deviation, delivered few hundred ions during a single shot. Circular areas with nominal diameter of 20 or 50 nm were irradiated to a fluence of 5 × 1014/cm2. Transmission electron microscopy evidenced that the damaged regions are characterized by an irregular contour with many disordered filaments. Damage extends across the layer thickness and fast Fourier transform analysis indicates that implantation causes the amorphization of a region which extends beyond the nominal diameter. In situ annealing experiments demonstrated that the disordered filamentary regions disappear in the 250–450 °C temperature range and the interfaces with the surrounding crystalline regions sharpen. A temperature as high as …
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
28 Jan 2013

AM Mio, G D'Arrigo, RG Milazzo, E Rimini, C Spinella, L Peto, A Nadzeyka, S Bauerdick

Biblio References: 
Volume: 113 Issue: 4 Pages: 044315
Journal of Applied Physics