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The Mott insulating state of the Hubbard model at half filling could be depicted as a spin liquid of singly occupied sites with holon-doublon quantum fluctuations localized in pairs. In one dimension the behavior is captured by a finite value of the charge parity string correlator, which fails to remain finite when generalized to higher dimensions. We recover a definition of parity brane correlator which may remain nonvanishing in the presence of interchain coupling, by assigning an appropriate fractional phase to the parity breaking fluctuations. In the case of Hubbard ladders at half filling, we find that the charge parity brane is nonzero at any repulsive value of interaction. The spin-parity brane instead becomes nonvanishing in the even-leg case, in correspondence to the onset of the spin gapped D-Mott phase, which is absent in the odd-leg case. The behavior of the parity correlators is also analyzed by means of a …
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
11 Aug 2016

Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi, Arianna Montorsi, Marco Roncaglia

Biblio References: 
Volume: 94 Pages: 085119
Physical Review B