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Pd films were deposited, at room temperature, on Ti and SiO2 substrates by normal (0°) and oblique (36° and 48°) incidence sputtering processes. Scanning electron microscopy was used to analyze the surface and cross morphology of the Pd films so to study the effect of the Pd adatoms surface diffusivity on the films nanostructure. In fact, even if the low homologous temperature (0.17) prescribes that the Pd film grows on both substrates in the Zone I of the structure zone model, some differences are observed: in normal incidence condition, the Pd film on the Ti substrate was found to be formed by tapered grains, while on the SiO2 substrate the Pd film exhibited a columnar morphology with the columns showing a cauliflower shape. Also in the oblique deposition configurations, notable differences in the nanoscale morphology of the Pd films grown in the same conditions are observed on the basis of the supporting …
Publication date: 
15 Apr 2017

V Torrisi, F Ruffino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 315 Pages: 123-129
Surface and Coatings Technology