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Experimental results obtained for a binary distributed phase shifter based on RF MEMS coplanar shunt switches are presented. A new approach based on the image parameter representation of two-port networks is proposed for the modelling of this structure. Vector network analyser measurements have been performed by recording the scattering parameters of the device, obtaining a differential phase shift of 180° at a frequency f0 = 13.7 GHz, very close to the theoretical one ftheo=14 GHz. A very low number of switches has been used for the realisation of the component.
IET Digital Library
Publication date: 
8 Nov 2007

G Bartolucci, S Catoni, Flavio Giacomozzi, R Marcelli, Benno Margesin, D Pochesci

Biblio References: 
Volume: 43 Issue: 23 Pages: 1290-1292
Electronics Letters