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Broadband single pole four throw (SP4T) switches in coplanar (CPW) waveguide based on cantilever or clamped - clamped switches have been developed for use in space applications. All the devices are manufactured on high-resistive silicon using surface micro-machining technology. The SP4T switches provide very good performance in terms of insertion and return loss and isolation over a wide frequency band. These switches are intended to be used as building blocks for large order switching matrices for satellite applications. Full wave simulations and measured RF performances are shown to be in very good agreement, showing high performance for all SP4T typologies. Depending on the specific design, insertion loss between 0.5 and 1.25 dB, return loss between 20 dB and 26 dB and isolation between 35 dB and 50 dB has been obtained in the 0-6 GHz frequency band.
Publication date: 
28 Sep 2010

Federico Casini, Paola Farinelli, Giovanni Mannocchi, Sergio DiNardo, Benno Margesin, Giorgio De Angelis, Romolo Marcelli, Olivier Vendier, Larissa Vietzorreck

Biblio References: 
Pages: 89-92
The 40th European Microwave Conference