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This paper presents the full modeling and a methodology for de-embedding the interferometric scanning microwave microscopy measurements by means of dopant profile calibration. A Si calibration sample with different boron-doping level areas is used to that end. The analysis of the experimentally obtained S 11 amplitudes based on the proposed model confirms the validity of the methodology. As a specific finding, changes in the tip radius between new and used tips have been clearly identified, leading to values for the effective tip radius in the range of 45 nm to 85 nm, respectively. Experimental results are also discussed in terms of the effective area concept, taking into consideration details related to the nature of tip-to-sample interaction.Characterization at the nanoscale requires new experimental techniques able to provide high resolution and sensitivity. Scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) is a technique …
AIP Publishing
Publication date: 
30 Nov 2015

L Michalas, Fei Wang, Charlene Brillard, Nicolas Chevalier, Jean-Michel Hartmann, Romolo Marcelli, Didier Theron

Biblio References: 
Volume: 107 Issue: 22
Applied Physics Letters