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A novel hyperspectral confocal microscopy method to separate different cell populations in a co‐culture model is presented here. The described methodological and instrumental approach allows discrimination of different cell types using a non‐invasive, label free method with good accuracy with a single cell resolution. In particular, melanoma cells are discriminated from HaCaT cells by hyperspectral confocal imaging, principal component analysis and optical frequencies signing, as confirmed by fluorescence labelling cross check. The identification seems to be quite robust to be insensitive to the cellular shape within the studied samples, enabling to separate cells according to their cytotype down to a single cell sensitivity. Set of hyperspectral images of melanoma‐keratinocytes co‐culture model (left), score plot of principal component analysis and spectral analysis of principal components coefficients (center …
Publication date: 
1 Jun 2016

Francesca R Bertani, Elisabetta Botti, Luisa Ferrari, Valentina Mussi, Antonio Costanzo, Marco D'Alessandro, Francesco Cilloco, Stefano Selci

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 6 Pages: 619-625
Journal of biophotonics