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Ni-based nanostructures are attractive catalytic materials for many electrochemical applications, among which are non-enzymatic sensing, charge storage, and water splitting. In this work, we clarify the synthesis kinetics of Ni (OH) 2/NiOOH nanowalls grown by chemical bath deposition at room temperature and at 50 C. We applied the results to non-enzymatic glucose sensing, reaching a highest sensitivity of 31 mA cm− 2 mM− 1. Using scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction analysis and Rutherford backscattering spectrometry we found that the growth occurs through two regimes: first, a quick random growth leading to disordered sheets of Ni oxy-hydroxide, followed by a slower growth of well-aligned sheets of Ni hydroxide. A high growth temperature (50 C), leading mainly to well-aligned sheets, offers superior electrochemical properties in terms of charge storage, charge carrier transport and catalytic …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
23 Feb 2018

M Urso, G Pellegrino, V Strano, E Bruno, F Priolo, S Mirabella

Biblio References: 
Volume: 29 Issue: 16 Pages: 165601