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The exceptionally large thermal strain in few-micrometers-thick 3C-SiC films on Si(111), causing severe wafer bending and cracking, is demonstrated to be elastically quenched by substrate patterning in finite arrays of Si micro-pillars, sufficiently large in aspect ratio to allow for lateral pillar tilting, both by simulations and by preliminary experiments. In suspended SiC patches, the mechanical problem is addressed by finite element method: both the strain relaxation and the wafer curvature are calculated at different pillar height, array size, and film thickness. Patches as large as required by power electronic devices (500–1000 μm in size) show a remarkable residual strain in the central area, unless the pillar aspect ratio is made sufficiently large to allow peripheral pillars to accommodate the full film retraction. A sublinear relationship between the pillar aspect ratio and the patch size, guaranteeing a minimal curvature …
AIP Publishing LLC
Publication date: 
14 May 2018

Marco Albani, Anna Marzegalli, Roberto Bergamaschini, Marco Mauceri, Danilo Crippa, Francesco La Via, Hans von Känel, Leo Miglio

Biblio References: 
Volume: 123 Issue: 18 Pages: 185703
Journal of Applied Physics