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This chapter reports recent experimental investigations on the electrical and structural properties of the epitaxial graphene interface with the SiC (0001). Nanoscale resolution electrical characterization techniques based on scanning probe microscopy and atomic resolution structural analyses based on aberrationcorrected scanning transmission electron microscopy have been jointly applied to elucidate the correlation between the interface structure and local transport properties (resistance, electron mean free path) of epitaxial graphene. A particular focus will be provided on the impact of nanosteps/facets of vicinal SiC surfaces 112and of lateral inhomogeneities in the number of graphene layers on the local resistance of epitaxial graphene. The results of these nanoscale investigations have been also compared with the results of the electrical characterization of macroscopic device structures fabricated with …
Pan Stanford
Publication date: 
19 Jan 2018

Filippo Giannazzo, Ioannis Deretzis, Antonino La Magna, Giuseppe Nicotra, Corrado Spinella, Fabrizio Roccaforte, Rositza Yakimova

Biblio References: 
Pages: 111-141
Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon Carbide