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The damaging process of GeTe up to amorphization has been studied by introducing controlled levels of disorder by irradiation with 150 keV Ar+ ions. In situ reflectivity measurements and ex-situ resistance and Raman spectroscopy analysis have been employed to study the impact of ion bombardment on the electrical conduction properties and on the bonding. The results obtained are indicative for three different stages of film damage. The first step appears to be dominated by point defects, affecting the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and inducing a transition from positive (metallic conduction) to negative TCR values (conduction dominated by localized states), whilst the material still remains crystalline. The second step is characterized by the annealing of the defects induced, presumably, by the formation of complex defects that act as sinks for point defect recombination. This process is facilitated by …
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Publication date: 
17 Oct 2018

SMS Privitera, AM Mio, M Dück, C Persch, M Zimbone, M Wuttig, E Rimini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 51 Issue: 49 Pages: 495103
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics