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The possibility of tuning the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) by electric (E)-field gating in ultrathin magnetic materials has opened up new perspectives in terms of controlling the stabilization of chiral spin structures. The most recent efforts have used voltage-induced charge redistribution at the interface between a metal and an oxide to modulate the DMI. This approach is attractive for active devices but tends to be volatile, making it energy-demanding, and it is limited by Coulomb screening in the metal. Here we demonstrate nonvolatile E-field manipulation of the DMI by ionic-liquid gating of Pt/Co/Hf O 2 ultrathin films. The E-field effect on the DMI scales with the E-field exposure time, and we propose that it is linked to the migration of oxygen species from the Hf O 2 layer into the Co and Pt layers and subsequent anchoring. This effect permanently changes the properties of the material, showing that E fields …
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
4 Sep 2019

L Herrera Diez, YT Liu, Dustin Allen Gilbert, M Belmeguenai, J Vogel, S Pizzini, E Martinez, A Lamperti, JB Mohammedi, A Laborieux, Y Roussigné, Alexander J Grutter, E Arenholtz, P Quarterman, B Maranville, S Ono, M Salah El Hadri, R Tolley, EE Fullerton, L Sanchez-Tejerina, A Stashkevich, SM Chérif, AD Kent, D Querlioz, J Langer, B Ocker, D Ravelosona

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 034005
Physical Review Applied