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[en] InGaN/GaN nanowire (NW) heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy were studied in comparison to their GaN and InGaN counterparts. The InGaN/GaN heterostructure NWs are composed of a GaN NW, a thin InGaN shell, and a multi-faceted InGaN cap wrapping the top part of the GaN NW. Transmission electron microscopy images taken from different parts of a InGaN/GaN nanowire show a wurtzite structure of the GaN core and the epitaxial InGaN shell around it. Photoluminescence spectra of these heterostructure NW ensembles show an emission peak at 2.1 eV. However, μ-PL spectra measured on single nanowires reveal much sharper luminescence peaks. A Raman analysis reveals a variation of the In content between 20% and 30%, in agreement with PL and TEM investigations.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

Friederich Limbach, Tobias Gotschke, Toma Stoica, Raffaella Calarco, Detlev Gruetzmacher, Eli Sutter, Jim Ciston, Ramon Cusco, Luis Artus, Stefan Kremling, Sven Hoefling, Lukas Worschech

Biblio References: 
Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft