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InN nanowires were grown by plasma‐assisted MBE in a bottom‐up approach, while InAs nanocolumns were prepared top‐down by electron beam lithography. Both types of narrow‐gap semiconductor nanocolumns exhibit a surface accumulation with a cylinder‐like 2 DEG as conduction channel. In magnetoconductance measurements at low temperatures with the magnetic field parallel to the column axis the InN wires exhibit magnetoconductance oscillations with a repetition period of a magnetic flux quantum ϕ0. For the InAs columns the observed magnetoconductance oscillations have a period of half the flux quantum ϕ0/2. The interpretation is based on the different surface perfectness of both types of columns. The InN wires with an almost perfect crystallinity allow transport through coherent angular momentum states within the surface 2 DEG which yields a ϕ0 periodicity. The InAs column surfaces exhibit a …
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2010

Hans Lüth, Ch Blömers, Th Richter, Jakob Wensorra, S Estevez Hernandez, G Petersen, Michael Lepsa, Th Schäpers, Michel Marso, Michael Indlekofer, Raffaella Calarco, N Demarina, Detlev Grützmacher

Biblio References: 
Volume: 7 Issue: 2 Pages: 386-389
physica status solidi c