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Spin-orbit coupling effects in materials with broken inversion symmetry are responsible for peculiar spin textures. Moreover, ferroelectrics could enable the non-volatile control of the spin degree of freedom through the electrical switching of the spin texture, achievable by acting on the spontaneous polarization [1]. Such functionality holds potential for technological applications exploiting spin effects controlled by voltage pulses. Within this framework, Germanium Telluride may represent a ground-breaking multifunctional material belonging to FErroelectric Rashba SemiConductors [1]. Its ferroelectricity provides the non-volatile state variable able to generate and drive a giant bulk Rashba-type spin-splitting of the electronic bands, while its semiconductivity and CMOS-compatibility allow for the realization of spin-based transistors. In this paper we present the idea of using GeTe has a switchable and tunable source of …
Publication date: 
23 Apr 2018

C Rinaldi, S Varotto, M Asa, J Slawinska, J Fujii, G Vinai, S Cecchi, D Di Sante, R Calarco, I Vobornik, G Panaccione, S Picozzi, R Bertacco

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Pages: 1-1
2018 IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG)