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Current research in High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics touches on fundamental questions regarding the origin of cosmic rays, their composition, the acceleration mechanisms, and their production. Unambiguous measurements of the energy spectra and of the composition of cosmic rays at the" knee" region could provide some of the answers to the above questions. So far only ground based observations, which rely on sophisticated models describing high energy interactions in the Earth's atmosphere, have been possible due to the extremely low particle rates at these energies. A calorimetry based space experiment that could provide not only flux measurements but also energy spectra and particle identification, would certainly overcome some of the uncertainties of ground based experiments. Given the expected particle fluxes, a very large acceptance is needed to collect a sufficient quantity of data, in a time …
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Publication date: 
5 Nov 2019

O Adriani, S Albergo, L Auditore, A Basti, E Berti, G Bigongiari, L Bonechi, M Bongi, V Bonvicini, S Bottai, P Brogi, G Cappello, G Carotenuto, G Castellini, PW Cattaneo, R Cecchi, C Checchia, R D'Alessandro, S Detti, M Fasoli, N Finetti, A Italiano, P Lenzi, P Maestro, M Manetti, PS Marrocchesi, N Mori, F Morsani, M Olmi, A Orsini, G Orzan, L Pacini, P Papini, MG Pellegriti, A Rappoldi, S Ricciarini, A Sciuto, P Spillantini, O Starodubtsev, L Stiaccini, F Stolzi, A Sulaj, JE Suh, A Tiberio, A Tricomi, A Trifiro, M Trimarchi, E Vannuccini, A Vedda, G Zampa, N Zampa

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Volume: 14 Issue: 11 Pages: P11004
Journal of Instrumentation