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Pulsed laser annealing is one of the promising low thermal budget approaches to overcome process limitations and develop alternative schemes to achieve better device performance and enable 3D architectures. Its applications range from the Front End Of the Line (doping, contacts, strain engineering) to Back End Of the Line (Cu grain engineering) in logic and memory devices. One key enabler for integrating this disruptive technology in the coming highly challenging technology nodes is an accurate time-resolved modeling of laser matter interaction, thermal diffusion, phase change and species diffusion at the nanosecond timescale, all to be solved self-consistently. In this paper, we will present the TCAD simulation package of the laser annealing process (LASSE Innovation Application Booster or LIAB), with a specific focus on the phase field model and calibration of relevant materials. The coupled partial …
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2020

K Huet, J Aubin, P-E Raynal, B Curvers, A Verstraete, B Lespinasse, F Mazzamuto, A Sciuto, SF Lombardo, A La Magna, P Acosta-Alba, L Dagault, C Licitra, J-M Hartmann, S Kerdilès

Biblio References: 
Volume: 505 Pages: 144470
Applied Surface Science