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The resistivity of Weyl semimetals NbP and TaP has been investigated as a function of pressure and temperature. The behaviour of the resistivity as a function of pressure and temperature is closely correlated to the location of the Weyl points compared to the Fermi energy. The rapid increase of the resistivity in TaP and NbP under the application of 4.5 and 8.0 GPa is related with the shift of Weyl points, which affords a finite density of states near the Fermi energy. Specifically, we find that under pressure the Weyl points are situated above the Fermi energy. As regards the temperature behaviour, we detect a nonmonotonous behaviour of resistivity in TaP at 8.7 and 9.8 GPa as a function of temperature, whereas in the case of NbP the behaviour is more complicate.
WILEY? VCH Verlag Berlin GmbH
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2017

M Einaga, K Shimizu, J Hu, ZQ Mao, A Politano

Biblio References: 
Volume: 11 Issue: 8 Pages: 1700182
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters