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Recent years have witnessed rapid progresses made in the photoelectric performance of two‐dimensional materials represented by graphene, black phosphorus, and transition metal dichalcogenides. Despite significant efforts, a photodetection technique capable for longer wavelength, higher working temperature as well as fast responsivity, is still facing huge challenges due to a lack of best among bandgap, dark current, and absorption ability. Exploring topological materials with nontrivial band transport leads to peculiar properties of quantized phenomena such as chiral anomaly, and magnetic‐optical effect, which enables a novel feasibility for an advanced optoelectronic device working at longer wavelength. In this work, the direct generation of photocurrent at low energy terahertz (THz) band at room temperature is implemented in a planar metal–PtTe2–metal structure. The results show that the THz …
Publication date: 
18 Nov 2019

Huang Xu, Cheng Guo, Jiazhen Zhang, Wanlong Guo, Chia‐Nung Kuo, Chin Shan Lue, Weida Hu, Lin Wang, Gang Chen, Antonio Politano, Xiaoshuang Chen, Wei Lu

Biblio References: 
Pages: doi:10.1002/smll.201903362