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We have investigated plasmonic excitations at the surface of Bi 2 Se 3 (0001) via high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy. For low parallel momentum transfer q∥, the loss spectrum shows a distinctive feature peaked at 104 meV. This mode varies weakly with q∥. The behavior of its intensity as a function of primary energy and scattering angle indicates that it is a surface plasmon. At larger momenta (q∥∼ 0.04 Å− 1), an additional peak, attributed to the Dirac plasmon, becomes clearly defined in the loss spectrum. Momentum-resolved loss spectra provide evidence of the mutual interaction between the surface plasmon and the Dirac plasmon of Bi 2 Se 3. The proposed theoretical model accounting for the coexistence of three-dimensional doping electrons and two-dimensional Dirac fermions accurately represents the experimental observations. The results reveal novel routes for engineering plasmonic …
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
18 Nov 2015

Antonio Politano, VM Silkin, IA Nechaev, MS Vitiello, L Viti, ZS Aliev, MB Babanly, G Chiarello, PM Echenique, EV Chulkov

Biblio References: 
Volume: 115 Issue: 21 Pages: 216802
Physical review letters