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This work reports the peculiar properties of a graphene film prepared by the chemical vapor deposition of ethylene in high vacuum on a well oriented and carefully cleaned Pt(111) crystal surface maintained at high temperature. In‐situ and ex‐situ characterization techniques (low‐energy electron diffraction, high‐resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and Raman micro‐spectroscopy) used here indicate the prevalence of single‐layer regions and the presence of two different orientations of the graphene sheets with respect to the Pt(111) substrate. In most of the deposited area, evidence is found of a compressive stress for the graphene lattice, as a net result of the growth process on a metal substrate. This graphene film grown on Pt(111) exhibits a lower degree of order and of homogeneity with respect to the exfoliated graphene on Si/SiO2, as it is found generally for graphene on …
Publication date: 
1 Oct 2013

Enzo Cazzanelli, T Caruso, M Castriota, AR Marino, A Politano, G Chiarello, M Giarola, G Mariotto

Biblio References: 
Volume: 44 Issue: 10 Pages: 1393-1397
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy