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The vibrational properties of Na atoms and of Na coadsorbed with CO on Ni(111) have been studied by high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy. Loss measurements showed a significant weakening of the alkali–substrate bond as a function of the alkali coverage. Moreover, we found that coadsorbed CO molecules dramatically influence the vibrational properties of Na adatoms. The Na–Ni stretching frequency (22 meV) measured on the Na/Ni(111) system shifted down to 13 meV for the (Na + CO)/Ni(111) surface. This unexpected result was ascribed to a charge transfer from Na to CO. Present findings give new insights on the nature of the alkali–substrate and alkali–CO bond.
Springer US
Publication date: 
1 May 2008

A Politano, RG Agostino, E Colavita, V Formoso, L Tenuta, G Chiarello

Biblio References: 
Volume: 43 Issue: 10 Pages: 3447-3451
Journal of materials science