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By means of a combination of surface-science spectroscopies and theory, we investigate the mechanisms ruling the catalytic role of epitaxial graphene (Gr) grown on transition-metal substrates for the production of hydrogen from water. Water decomposition at the Gr/metal interface at room temperature provides a hydrogenated Gr sheet, which is buckled and decoupled from the metal substrate. We evaluate the performance of Gr/metal interface as a hydrogen storage medium, with a storage density in the Gr sheet comparable with state-of-the-art materials (1.42 wt %). Moreover, thermal programmed reaction experiments show that molecular hydrogen can be released upon heating the water-exposed Gr/metal interface above 400 K. The Gr hydro/dehydrogenation process might be exploited for an effective and eco-friendly device to produce (and store) hydrogen from water, i.e., starting from an almost unlimited …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
26 Apr 2016

Antonio Politano, Mattia Cattelan, Danil W Boukhvalov, Davide Campi, Anna Cupolillo, Stefano Agnoli, Nicoleta G Apostol, Paolo Lacovig, Silvano Lizzit, Daniel Farías, Gennaro Chiarello, Gaetano Granozzi, Rosanna Larciprete

Biblio References: 
Volume: 10 Issue: 4 Pages: 4543-4549
Acs Nano