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Bulk PtSn4 has recently attracted the interest of the scientific community for the presence of electronic states exhibiting Dirac node arcs, enabling possible applications in nanoelectronics. Here, by means of surface-science experiments and density functional theory, we assess its suitability for catalysis by studying the chemical reactivity of the (010)-oriented PtSn4 surface toward CO, H2O, O2 molecules at room temperature and, moreover, its stability in air. We demonstrate that the catalytic activity of PtSn4 is determined by the composition of the outermost atomic layer. Specifically, we find that the surface termination for PtSn4 crystals cleaved in vacuum is an atomic Sn layer, which is totally free from any CO poisoning. In oxygen-rich environment, as well as in ambient atmosphere, the surface termination is a SnOx skin including SnO and SnO2 in comparable amount. However, valence-band states, including those …
Publication date: 
27 Feb 2020

Gianluca D'Olimpio, Danil W Boukhvalov, Jun Fujii, Piero Torelli, Andrea Marchionni, Jonathan Filippi, Chia-Nung Kuo, Raju Edla, Luca Ottaviano, Chin Shan Lue, Francesco Vizza, Silvia Nappini, Antonio Politano

Biblio References: 
Pages: 145925
Applied Surface Science