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In recent years, the lack of high-performing electrical energy storage systems is seriously bottlenecking the operation of appliances in several fields, that include portable electronics, electric automotive, and stationary devices [1]. Until now, lithium batteries (LiBs) are the highest-performing systems that could address satisfactorily all the requirements of such appliances [2]. Indeed, LiBs show a high specific capacity, a high efficiency, and a long lifespan [3]. However, improvements are still needed in the operating potential (that influences the specific energy and power of the LiBs) and in the rate capability properties of the cathodes. Indeed, electric vehicles need high power during acceleration, and a large amount of stored energy to achieve a sufficient mileage. Herein we describe the synthesis and the study of an innovative family of high-energy and high-rate cathodes for application in LiBs. The …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Sep 2019

Vito Di Noto, Gioele Pagot, Marco Bandiera, Keti Vezzù, Federico Brombin, Angeloclaudio Nale, Giovanni Crivellaro, Andrea Migliori, Renzo Bertoncello, Vittorio Morandi, Enrico Negro

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Issue: 7 Pages: 724
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