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Confocal microscopy luminescence measurements were applied to study the X-ray radiation response of Er/Yb-doped optical fibers in connection with H2 pre-loading and with the addition of another lanthanide element (Cerium) in the core composition. Laser excitations at 488 nm and 325 nm allow deriving the emission and absorption pattern of Er3+, the latter derived from the dips appearing in a wide luminescence band related to defects in silica. We found that the luminescence spectrum of the X-irradiated Er/Yb-doped core fiber evidences an increase in the emission intensity around 520 and 660 nm; in contrast, no changes are induced by radiation neither after H2 pre-loading nor when the Cerium is added to the core composition. Both treatments reduce the generation of defects in the Er-doped fibers thus providing hardness in the radiative environment.
Publication date: 
16 Dec 2010

M Vivona, S Girard, C Marcandella, T Robin, B Cadier, M Cannas, A Boukenter, Y Ouerdane

Biblio References: 
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids