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Study Design:Retrospective study.Objective:The aim of this study is to show that a single traumatic fracture of the atlas is unusual but not rare and requires specific management strategies, which can be highlighted by the study of the junctional ligaments and membranes.Summary of Background Data:A single traumatic fracture of the atlas arch is considered a rare event and has been analyzed in few case reports. Ligaments and membranes play a primary role in providing stability to the craniovertebral junction area.Methods:Here, we report 10 cases of a single traumatic fracture of the atlas arch: 4 cases were part of our series of spine injuries and were studied by magnetic resonance imaging during the acute phase to assess the junctional ligaments. The remaining 6 cases were obtained from the Literature.Results:Indirect signs of a traumatic ligamentous injury were found only in 1 patient. However, in all cases …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2013

Alberto Debernardi, Giuseppe D’Aliberti, Giuseppe Talamonti, Fabio Villa, Maurizio Piparo, Marco Cenzato

Biblio References: 
Volume: 26 Issue: 5 Pages: E188-E192
Clinical Spine Surgery