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A possible route for the synthesis of Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4}, Fe, and Fe/Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} bi-layers with chemical vapor deposition by employing the same Fe{sub 3}(CO){sub 12} carbonyl precursor is presented. The comprehensive structural, chemical, and morphological investigation of the as-deposited thin single films and bi-layers is performed by X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, Raman spectroscopy, and time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry depth profiling. We present the possibility of performing the deposition of pure metallic Fe and Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4}/{gamma}-Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3} by adjusting the deposition pressure from 10{sup -3}/{sup -4} Pa to 1 Pa, respectively. The integration of Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} thin films in a magnetic tunnel junction stack fully synthesized by in situ atomic layer and chemical vapor deposition processes is also presented, showing good stack stability and marginal interdiffusion.
Publication date: 
1 May 2012

S Vangelista, R Mantovan, S Cocco, A Lamperti, O Salicio, M Fanciulli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 520
Thin Solid Films