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This work deals with the thermodynamics of hydride formation in 3-D nanoconfined Mg. Two ensembles of nearly monodisperse Mg nanodots (NDs) with different diameters (60 and 320 nm), were grown by the template nanopatterning method, using ultra-thin alumina membranes (UTAMs) with ordered porosity as evaporation masks. Multilayer NDs consisting of 30 nm Mg, 5 nm Ti and 5 nm Pd were deposited on UTAM-coated glass substrates by molecular beam epitaxy. The lateral surface of the NDs is constituted by native MgO. The morphology of the NDs was characterized by field emission scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Hydride formation and decomposition was studied at low temperature (363–393 K) by means of optical hydrogenography. Compared to bulk Mg, the plateau pressure for hydrogen absorption in NDs exhibits an upward shift, which is larger for small NDs. Differently …
Publication date: 
22 Jun 2016

Alan Molinari, Federico D'Amico, Marco Calizzi, Yan Zheng, Christiaan Boelsma, Lennard Mooij, Yong Lei, Horst Hahn, Bernard Dam, Luca Pasquini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 41 Issue: 23 Pages: 9841-9851
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy