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The increasing request of on-chip energy storage devices is driven by the augmented connectivity between people and things for IoT, portable, and wearable electronic applications. These systems require high performance components with low power consumption, compact size, and high energy storage capability. Supercapacitors (SCs) achieve capacitance density in the order of 0.1–1 mF/mm2. Nonetheless, their poor performance in terms of operation frequency (from Hz to tens of Hz, rarely beyond 1 kHz) and voltage (rarely exceeding 2 V), together with their low compatibility with standard integrated circuit (IC) technologies, have inhibited their integration to date.Dielectric capacitors (DCs) make use of solid-state dielectrics sandwiched between two conductive electrodes. These capacitors operate at high frequency (up to a several MHz) and voltages (exceeding tens of Volt). However, the areal capacitance of …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
30 May 2021

Alessandro Paghi, Lucanos Strambini, Stefano Mariani, Anjali Sood, Jesse Kalliomaki, Paivi Jarvinen, Fabrizio Toia, Mario Scurati, Marco Morelli, Alessio Lamperti, Giuseppe Barillaro

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Issue: 30 Pages: 1012
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