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Conventional nano-sphere lithography techniques have been extended to the fabrication of highly periodic arrays of sub-wavelength nanoholes in a thin metal film. By combining the dry etching processes of self-assembled monolayers of polystyrene colloids with metal physical deposition, the complete transition from increasing size triangular nanoprism to hexagonally distributed nanoholes array onto thin metal film has been gradually explored. The investigated nano-structured materials exhibit interesting plasmonic properties which can be precisely modulated in a desired optical spectral region. An interesting approach based on optical absorbance measurements has been adopted for rapid and non-invasive inspections of the nano-sphere monolayer after the ion etching process. By enabling an indirect and accurate evaluation of colloid dimensions in a large area, this approach allows the low-cost and reproducible fabrication of plasmonic materials with specifically modulated optical properties suitable for many application in biosensing devices or Raman enhanced effects.
Publication date: 
5 Feb 2022

Adriano Colombelli, Daniela Lospinoso, Roberto Rella, Maria Grazia Manera

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 547